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Angels on Our Doorstep...

They give new meaning to that phrase and one day out of the blue, our angels came to the door.

This marks the fourth year that this amazing group of kids from the Youth Ministry at Good Hope Baptist Church in Eclectic, AL have lent a hand (or thirty!) to spring cleaning efforts here at the zoo. Under the leadership of Youth Pastor, Tim Lawrence and his wife, Vicki, these kids have shown such spirit and dedication to supporting our zoo and we have really bonded with them. They come down twice a year to join in fellowship and serve the local community and (lucky for us) they just happened to stumble upon us a few years ago!

LCB 2012

It all started when they were in the area for their Summer Mission trip right after the BP Oil Spill so they dedicated their time to helping the community in any way they could. They went to local businesses and agencies looking for ways to help but some of the kids were too young to help on the beaches so several folks suggested that they check with the zoo. They did, and boy did they get more than they bargained for!

They showed up with strong backs and big hearts and we put 'em to work with everything from landscaping to scooping poop, cleaning out swampy ponds to painting fences, and all the stuff that no one else wants to do! And for some reason, they keep coming back!



We look forward to seeing them each year and cannot thank them enough for their hard work!

Special thanks to each and every one of this very special group of kids: Andrea Miller, Morgan Atkins, Laiken Atkins, Julie Fuller, Melissa Fields, Stephanie Taylor, Kelsey Taylor, Levi Warren, Jason Carter, Kayson Wallace, and Erin Baker; their chaperone Angie Miller, and their Youth Pastor Tim Lawrence along with his wife, Vicki.



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